The Crokey Hill Players

In Ireland theatre is alive and well with hundreds of professional and amateur companies producing excellent productions throughout the entire country.

In 2007 Tommy Marren set up the Crokey Hill Players and to date he has written two original plays that have extensively toured Ireland, The United Kingdom and America raising huge sums of money for charity and community organisations.

The Banshee of Crokey Hill and It’s The Real McCoy have both enjoyed phenomenal success as audiences can fully identify with the humour and storylines that both plays deliver in spades.

Find out all about the Crokey Hill Players rise to fame and experience for yourself why Irish humour and wit is both unique and universally entertaining. Our site gives all the background information about the author, its history and forthcoming tour dates.

You also have the opportunity of purchases DVD copies of both productions which we promise will give you hours of entertainment in the comfort of your own home. A true example of experiencing Irish wit and humour as only the Irish can!


2016 sees the latest Crokey play production and it’s another rip-roaring Irish rural comedy entitled ‘Nobody’s Talking To Me’. The play is set on the day of the 50th wedding anniversary of Mattie and Maggie Conway. However, what should be a happy occasion is anything but as the ‘happy couple’ haven’t spoken a word to each other for 10 years! Another case of one hilarious line after another!

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